Our registered association was founded in 2013 by parents like myself and friends of individuals who are on the Autistic spectrum.

Our work to date has been to offer support and advice to parents of children and young people in our area of  Famagusta who have been diagnosed with Autism spectrum conditions.

For the past 3 years we have successfully run a daily summer school during the holidays providing trained staff to care for children with autism in order to support the parents who still need to work in August and have no support or help with their children.

We also deliver an outreach service supporting children at home either when parents want a break or have other specific needs.

Finally we have organised and held a number of events to raise funds to support our work and to form the basis of our ultimate goals or creating a much needed Autism day center and a small home in society for young adults of 21 years and over with 24 hour care.


Famagusta, Cyprus

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